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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cancer Treatment and Especially Radiation Cause Diabetes Independent of BMI or Exercise

Page Changed: You Did Not Eat Your Way To Diabetes

Added citation and discussion of a new large population study that found that after adjusting for BMI and exercise, there was almost double the incidence of diabetes in survivors of childhood cancer and a 7.2 times greater risk of diabetes among cancer survivors who had been treated with full body radiation.

This raises the question about whether other exposures to radiation might be a contributing cause of diabetes, especially the very high doses used in CAT scanning.

Diabetes Mellitus in Long-term Survivors of Childhood Cancer: Increased Risk Associated With Radiation Therapy: A Report for the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study.Lillian R. Meacham et al. Arch. Int. Med.Vol. 169 No. 15, Aug 10/24, 2009.

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