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Sunday, September 27, 2009

FDA Adds Pancreatitis Warning to Januvia and Janumet Prescribing Information

Page changed: Januvia

Added information that FDA has added a warning about the association of pancreatitis with Januvia, including the information that "Furthermore, 47 of the 88 cases (53%) resolved once sitagliptin was discontinued."

Doctors are advised to warn patients prescribed Januvia of the symptoms of pancreatitis so they can be taken off the drug.

If you are on Januvia, has your doctor warned you about the symptoms of pancreatitis? If not, ask your doctor why. The doctor probably doesn't know of this latest issue with Januvia, as they usually don't know of the others, either.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Added Fish Oil to The "Helpful Supplements" Page

Page Changed: Helpful Supplements for Diabetes

Added the text from today's Diabetes Update blog post, Fish Oil Yes--But Not From Fish , to the web page about helpful supplements.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Added Onglyza to Summary Page

Page Changed: Diaetes Drugs - Quick Summary

Added Onglyza to table and provided link to page discussing Onglyza.

Metformin May Have Anti-Cancer Properties

Page Changed: Metformin

Added citations to two studies suggesting that metformin has anti-cancer properties, using information discussed in this Diabetes Update blog post.

Two New Studies Support Utility of Metformin

Split Metformin, Acarbose and Sulfonylurea Page to New Pages

Page changed: Metformin, Acarbose and Drugs that Stimulate Insulin Secretion

Divided this page into separate pages:



Sulfonylureas and glitinides