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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Farxiga, Another Recently Approved Questionable Type 2 Drug

Page Changed: Invokana and Farxiga: Members of a New Class of Dangerous Drugs for Type 2

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Farxiga, a Second, Even Worse Drug in this Same Class

Farxiga, mysteriously named "Forxiga" outside of the U.S., is a second drug in this same SGLT-2 inibitor class, which has all the same side efects as Invokana, along with the possibility that it increases LDL-C, the so called "bad" cholesterol.

There were more cases of bladder cancer among those taking it than in the group that did not take it. AstraZeneca, the company selling it, assures you that the numbers in the study were too small to determine if this was statistically significant. Why would you want to participate in the much larger and, to AstraZeneca highly profitable" "study" conducted on paying human lab rats that will, by the time the patent expires on this drug, make it crystal clear just how dangerous it really is?