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Monday, November 24, 2008

New Study Misleadingly Suggests Actos is Safe

Page changed: Actos and Avandia: Dangerous Diabetes Drugs

Added link to new journal article published in Archives of Internal Medicine which is being reported in the media as if it proves that Actos is safe while Avandia is not.

In fact, the study only compared one dangerous drug, Actos, against another even more dangerous drug, Avandia. It lacked the vital placebo group of people taking neither drug which might have shown that BOTH drugs are more dangerous than placebo re congestive heart disease and other cardiovascular problems.

In addition, this study did not track the rate of broken bones or blindness due to macular edema, both of which have been linked to Actos as well as Avandia.

My guess is that this study was funded by Takeda, makers of Actos. Since the conflict of interest paragraph does not appear in the free abstract of this article it is impossible to know. If you have a subscription to this journal, send me the "Conflict of interest" section so I can check it out. Thanks!

Please, people. Actos, like Avanida, is a dangerous drugs with life-ruining side effects that have only become evident in people who have taken them for a long time. They do not make much of a difference in blood sugars while increasing your likelihood of osteoporosis, fractures, congestive heart failure and heart attack. Avoid them!

1 comment:

joel said...

good work Jenny. part of the reason i hopped straight from the sufonylurea treatment to insulin is my conviction that drugs are much less "natural" than the actual hormone that i am actually short of!

insulin therapy is a "no brainer" imho.

-- Joel.