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Thursday, February 13, 2020

Added info about cannabis and hunger to the "Help for when you can't control your eating" Page

Page changed:

Text added: Cannabis and  CBD can make you very hungry.  Now that cannabis is legal in many states we are hearing a lot of buzz about its medical benefits and especially those attributed to its CBD component. CBD does not get people high, but it has definite physiological effects, and one of them is to make people very hungry. This is helpful for people undergoing chemotherapy, who need to eat, but can be a problem for the rest of us.

Note that  many products sold outside of dispensaries claiming to contain CBD contain so little that they have no physiological effect. Hunger is only an issue with the higher CBD strains sold at dispensaries. That said, even cannabis strains without CBD can give people fearsome attacks of the munchies a few hours after they are consumed. The reason for this turns out not to be fluctuating blood sugars, as people used to believe, but because there are components in certain cannabis strains--particularly those with indica genetics--that stimulate cannabinoid receptors in the gut in ways that activate the brain's hunger center. 

The good news is that there are other THC-containing strains that do not provoke a hunger response. Some Sativa strains can actually  dampen hunger. If you live in a place where cannabis is legal, you will just have to experiment until you find a strain that doesn't sabotage your diet.

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