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Friday, August 5, 2016

Page Changed: Nutritional Calculator Results Page
Text Added:

This calculator will not prescribe a diet of under 1000 calories a day, because very low calorie diets are not healthy or sustainable over the long term for most people.

Very low calorie diet do take off the pounds, however they tend to result in the dieter burning off too much muscle tissue. This can harm the heart. If you diet at a sub-1,000 calorie level you are also likely to slow your metabolism. That makes it difficult to get to your goal, and worse, it makes it much easier to regain weight even if you start eating at a more reasonable calorie level.

The very low calorie diet also is very likely to change your brain chemistry in a way that raises the hormones that make you hungry. When this happens you will only be able to maintain your weight loss by living in a state that feels like you are always starving.

Losing weight on a higher calorie low carb diet, though it may take more time to get to goal, ensures that you will be able to maintain your weight loss by eating at the level predicted for maintaining your new weight. It also keeps you from experiencing the rebound hunger that explains why so many people who lose a lot of weight on low calorie diets gain it all back and more.

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