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Sunday, February 7, 2010

More Proof Metformin Is Protective Against Cancer

Page Changed: Metformin

Added this text with link to full text of a new study that found evidence that metformin protects people with diabetes against cancer.


More evidence that metformin is protective against cancer emerged in a second study of 1,353 people with diabetes that lasted almost ten years. It was conducted in the Netherlands as part of the ZODIAC study and published in Februrary 2010. This study found that the cancer risk of people with diabetes taking metformin was identical to that of the population at large which was not the case with those who were not taking metformin. This is significant because people with diabetes have long been known to have a higher risk of cancer.

Metformin Associated With Lower Cancer Mortality in Type 2 Diabetes: ZODIAC-16 Gijs W.D. Landman et al.Diabetes Care Diabetes Care February 2010 vol. 33 no. 2 322-326. doi: 10.2337/dc09-1380

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