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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tips for How to Keep On Eating Low Carb When Money Is Scarce

Page changed: What Can You Eat When You Are Cutting The Carbs?

Added link to a discussion at The Low Carb Friends Discussion Forum with some helpful ideas for how to eat a low carbohydrate diet when money is tight.

Low carb foods may seem more expensive, but if they control your appetite you might end up spending less on a few pounds of meat and cheese than you will on the cheaper starches that leave you hungry and eating more food--at the same time as they ruin your blood sugar control.

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Anonymous said...

The most significant way to reduce the cost of low carbing is to learn to take advantage of grocery store specials. In my area they are included with the Wednesday newpaper.

bonesless NY Steaks - $3-4 per 10 lb pack

Boneless pork, $1-179 10 lb pack

Whole chickens - 79 cents a pound

etc etc

And veggies on sale are half the price. I seldom pay more than $1.50 a pound, and OFTEN much less.