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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Dr. Goldstein Documents Januvia's Connection with Colon and Prostate Cancer iin Annals of Internal Medicine

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Added citation to the letter from Dr. Mark R. Goldstein published in the September 2007 Annals of Internal Medicine documenting studies showing a connection between colon and prostate cancer and DPP-4 inhibition--the mechanism by which Januvia stimulates insulin release.

If your doctor prescribes Januvia, ask him if he is aware of this research and if not, make him aware of it. With its ability to promote cancer, and the complete ignorance of most doctors of what exactly it is that Januvia does, Januvia may well end up being the Thalidomide of the 2000s.

And if you are taking Januvia and are diagnosed with cancer, insist that your doctor file an aftermarket report with the FDA Medwatch system!

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