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Saturday, September 29, 2007

New Information on A1c, Lipids, and Cardiac Risk

Page changed:
A1c Predicts Heart Attack.

Added new study showing the even when taking statins, levels of HDL--the "good cholesterol" that is not affected by taking statins--are predictive of cardiac risk. Note: many of us find that HDL rises when we cut back on carbohydrates.

Added report from EASD of new study showing tight correlation between A1c and heart attack risk in normal people at A1c ranges of 5%, though 2 hour OGTT values are not predictive. Explained why OGTT results in people with 5% A1cs will NOT match post-meal blood sugar values due to the the tests artificial use of fast acting glucose. I speculate that looking at post-meal blood sugar values in people with 5% A1cs given a high carb meal would show a correlation between 1 hour values and heart attack risk.

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