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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Information about Thiamine Deficiency and Benfotiamine

Page Changed: Supplements for Diabetes

Added reference to today's study described by the BBC that found thiamine deficiency in 76% of Type 1s and 75% of Type 2s and connected this with the possibility that this deficiency leads to microvascular complications. Added references to research published over the past couple years in Diabetes Care, Nature, etc. supporting the idea that supplementation with benfotiamine, a safe form of Thiamine, blocks damage by AGEs and improves neuropathy and retinopathy.

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Jeffrey Dach MD said...

Ways to Improve Insulin Resistance

The Atkins type, low carbohydrate diet, elimination of refined sugar and refined carbs, exercise and weight loss are the usual lifestyle recommendations for improving Insulin Resistance.

Chromium Picolinate or polynicotinate was the first supplement approved by the FDA for a qualified health claim, namely improvement in insulin resistance.

Other supplements commonly recommended are Biotin, and R-Alpha-lipoic Acid.

Benfotiamine, a lipid soluble form of vitamin B-1 is not widely known and has been shown beneficial especially for diabetic neuropathy.

To read more: How to Improve Insulin Resistance in Type Two Diabetes by Jeffrey Dach MD

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