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Friday, July 27, 2007

Avandia and Actos Removed from Oral Diabetes Drug Page

Page Changed: The Truth About Oral Diabetes Drugs
New Page Added: Actos and Avandia

Today's news included analysis of a study that had gone beneath the radar when initially published in Diabetes Care's online edition on May 29. This study found that Avandia and Actos both appeared to cause heart failure in younger people who took it who did not have preexisting heart failure. It also found one in fifty patients taking either of these drugs were hospitalized for heart failure.

I made the decision to remove Avandia and Actos from the list of legitimate oral diabetes drugs because there is now just too much evidence that neither of these drugs is effective enough to justify the risk of heart failure, macular edema, permanent weight gain, and osteoporosis that they cause.

Also, I have removed from this page some of the more historical information about Rezulin and the detailed discussion of the TRIPOD study involving Rezulin which was used to support the idea that this class of drugs could rejuvenate beta cells. This premise was proven to be false by the DREAM study, so my questioning of the conclusions drawn from the TRIPOD data was correct, however, the DREAM study results make the lengthy analysis of the earlier study unnecessary.

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